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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Gainesville Florida – Promote Proper Tooth Development


Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last teeth to emerge. Most wisdom teeth development occurs between the ages of 17 and 25.

It’s normal for your forward teeth to “drift” and allow for your wisdom teeth to properly develop. Diet and orthodontic treatment can affect the emergence of your wisdom teeth on occasion.

Treatment for problem wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means there’s a lack of space available in the upper or lower arch of your mouth to allow for proper emergence of your wisdom teeth.

Impacted teeth can be painful and increase your risk of oral infection. Your Gainesville dentists can diagnose and remove your wisdom teeth if necessary to assure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and infection and damage free.

Wisdom teeth (third molar) development can occur without problems and/or pain. Keep in mind that the lack of pain doesn’t imply that damage isn’t occurring.

Your wisdom teeth can also become impacted as you age. It’s vital that you seek treatment to avoid unnecessary pain or complications when treating them.

Wisdom teeth extraction is easiest when you’re younger. Tooth roots have not fully formed and the surrounding bone tissue is softer and easier to work with.

Dental examinations and your awareness of pain during wisdom teeth development is recommended. It’s also recommended that your problem wisdom teeth be removed by the time you reach young adulthood to prevent further oral health issues.

What Happens During and After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Our Gainesville Periodontist will answer your questions and prepare you for your wisdom teeth extraction. Your surgical procedure is provided in the comfort of our dental office using conscious sedation (IV or oral sedation).

Swelling and mild discomfort is common following wisdom teeth extraction. Cold compresses, prescribed pain medication, and diet modifications can help you manage any discomfort during healing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Your teeth are designed to move as they develop. Movement allows your teeth to emerge and develop in their proper position.

On occasion your third (back) molars (wisdom teeth) will emerge crooked and cause problems for your adjoining and surrounding teeth. A wisdom teeth extraction eliminates their impact on your healthy teeth and helps correct other alignment issues.

The procedure is easiest for those who are young. Tooth roots haven’t formed completely and the surrounding jawbone is more pliable. Young adulthood is the preferable time frame to prevent further tooth, gum, and oral health problems.

The procedure involves oral surgery. You are provided conscious sedation (IV or oral sedation) to assure your comfort.

Mild swelling and some discomfort is common after your procedure. A cold compress, prescribed pain medication, and some dietary adjustments will help you manage any pain or discomfort as your extraction heals.

Some orthodontic treatment can be more effective following an extraction. The procedure creates space for your surrounding teeth to move into proper alignment.

Contact your Gainesville dentist about you or your family’s wisdom teeth. Schedule a dental examination to diagnose any development issues and to discuss treatment.