Project Description

Teeth Whitening in Gainesville Florida – Fast, Effective Smile Transformation


Professional teeth whitening brightens the appearance of your teeth. The Zoom! Whitening treatment removes the stains and discoloration from your tooth surfaces in a single in-office appointment.

Your teeth whitening procedure using Zoom! can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in one 45 minute appointment. You can maintain the level of whiteness you achieve with customized whitening trays for use at home.

How professional teeth whitening transforms the appearance of your smile

Foods, beverages, and your lifestyle choices can “yellow” your teeth over time. Stains can penetrate your tooth enamel and darken the color of your teeth as well.

A professional teeth whitening using the Zoom! system is more effective than over the counter or do-it-yourself whitening options. Surface and deeper penetrating stains are removed by whitening ingredients including hydrogen peroxide that break apart the residue on your tooth surfaces.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. You can experience some irritation or sensitivity following the treatment.

Your whitening treatment is designed to last. Ongoing maintenance is necessary to maintain brightness according to your lifestyle choices.

The Zoom! whitening process provides you options to fit your whitening goals, your lifestyle, and your budget. Care instructions including take-home whitening products are available to help you sustain your teeth whiteness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

The stains on your teeth have most often penetrated your tooth surface. The deeper staining is more effectively removed by the ingredients contained in a professional whitening system.

It’s common to achieve up to eight and sometimes 10 shades of whiteness following a professional treatment. The amount of staining, your at-home follow-up treatment, and your diet and lifestyle choices will determine your ongoing results.

The food and beverages you consume have an impact on your tooth color. Your teeth will appear dark (yellowed) as the staining penetrates the layers of protective enamel on your tooth surface.

A professional whitening procedure in our dental office is safe and effective. You can experience mild teeth sensitivity following the treatment. Your in-office procedure is prepped and monitored to help avoid any irritation or discomfort.

Contact our Gainesville dental office about transforming the appearance of your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment using the Zoom! Whitening System.