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Dental Emergencies in Gainesville Florida – Immediate Help When You Need It for Your Dental Emergencies


Dental Emergencies are unpredictable. Your Gainesville dentists are available to help when you face one or when you experience severe mouth pain that can result from:

  1. A cracked or fractured tooth
  2. A tooth that has been knocked out
  3. Tissue injury (such as a puncture wound)
  4. A loose or misaligned adult tooth

Relief and assistance for common Dental Emergencies

When you have a cracked or fractured tooth

  1. Contact our Gainesville dental office immediately
  2. Avoid chewing to prevent further damage
  3. Arrive at our office for treatment

When your tooth is knocked out

  1. Contact your Gainesville dentist immediately
  2. Avoid touching the tooth root
  3. Rinse the tooth gently holding it by the crown (chewing surface)
  4. Keep any remaining, attached tissue intact
  5. Arrive at our office for treatment

When your tooth is loose or misaligned

  1. Contact our Gainesville dental office immediately
  2. Gently attempt to move the tooth back into position using minimal pressure
  3. Bite down carefully to keep the tooth in place (if this helps)
  4. Arrive at our dental office for treatment

Contact us as soon as possible when you experience Dental Emergencies. If you reach us after hours leave a message with our answering service and we will return your call as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing excessive bleeding or other life threatening injuries go to your nearest hospital emergency room immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

Urgent treatment is necessary when your tooth is knocked out. Pick the tooth up by the crown portion (the top) and not the tooth root.

Rinse the tooth gently. Replace it back into the gum socket gently if possible otherwise place it in a small container of mild, call our dental office, and bring the tooth with you to your appointment.

A cracked or fractured tooth is more serious than a chipped tooth. Call our dental office for an appointment and follow a few important procedures prior to your appointment.

  1. Rinse your mouth gently with warm water.
  2. If your face has been injured causing your tooth fracture, place a cold compress to help reduce swelling.
  3. Use a non-aspirin pain medication to help reduce any pain.

Injury to the tissue inside your mouth including your gums, lips, tongue, or jawbone should be considered a dental emergency. Clean the injured area immediately with warm water and observe any bleeding that’s occurring.

Seek emergency care at our dental office as soon as possible. Use a non-aspirin pain reliever to control any pain as necessary.

This might not qualify for a dental emergency but it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Call our dental office to schedule an appointment for replacement and adjustment.

Until you arrive for your appointment, temporary replacement can be provided with Vaseline, toothpaste, or a small amount of dental adhesive.

Contact our Gainesville dental office when you experience Dental Emergencies.