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Conscious Sedation Dentistry


At our state-of-the-art Gainesville office, convenient to residents of Alachua County, Marion County, and other neighboring areas, we provide conscious sedation “sleep” dentistry.

Conscious sedation can eliminate anxious patients’ apprehensions about dental treatment. Conscious sedation can be administered orally (using a pill) or intravenously (with a needle). If you are one of the millions of people who have put off going to the dentist because of anxieties or fears related to dental care, sedation dentistry may be the solution for you.

Delaying dental treatment can cause relatively minor dental problems, such as gum disease, to become major dental issues that require extensive intervention. Sedation dentistry allows patients to overcome anxieties and get the treatment they need. As an added benefit, sedation dentistry allows patients to combine multiple procedures into one or two visits, saving time and limiting inconvenience.

If it has been years since your last dental treatment or if you would appreciate being completely relaxed while having all your needs dental needs addressed in as little as one appointment, contact Tioga Dental & Orthodontics office today. If you are interested in sedation dentistry, contact us today.

Conscious sedation is defined as a minimally depressed level of consciousness in which the patient retains the ability to independently maintain an airway and respond appropriately to physical and verbal stimulation but in which anxiety and pain are depressed. Most patients who choose sedation dentistry remember very little and even nothing at all about their visit. There are several different sedation methods. Our sedation dentists and our dental team will help you decide which is best for you. Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

  • Anyone who has fears and anxiety about dental treatment.
  • Anyone who has put off dental care for years because of dental anxiety.
  • Anyone who suffers from dental phobias or who has had traumatic dental experiences.
  • Anyone who wants to have all their dental care provided in one day.
  • Anyone who has sensitive teeth.
  • Anyone who has difficulty getting numb using traditional dental techniques.

Contact our Gainesville office – serving Alachua, Newberry, Ocala, Williston, and Trenton – to arrange a consultation with our sedation dentists if you would like to know if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Many patients are nervous about dental visits and put off treatment for years. Procrastination, however, can be the worst thing for your dental health. There are several sedation dentistry techniques that can be used to put you at ease during your appointment.

With this sedation technique, a small pill is used to create a state of relaxation and amnesia. The patient is free of fear, loses the sense of time, and awakens with very little recollection of the procedure. This sedation dentistry method is excellent for surgical patients, such as dental implantpatients, wisdom teeth and denture patients. We carefully monitor our patient’s blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels to ensure safety. Oral sedatives do not provide pain relief, so an injection of local anesthetic will also be administered. Patients cannot drive home after oral conscious sedation, so they should arrange for transportation or look into our concierge package.

With this sedation technique, drugs are administered intravenously to create a state of deep relaxation and amnesia. IV sedation dentistry utilizes Versed, a safe benzodiazapam. As with oral conscious sedation, the patient is free of anxiety, loses the sense of time, and awakens with almost no memory of the procedure. IV sedation dentistry is also an excellent modality for surgical patients, for patients wanting a smile makeover.  Patients are closely monitored throughout their treatment. Like oral sedatives, intravenous (IV) sedation does not provide pain relief, so a local anesthetic will be administered. Patients cannot drive home after this sedation dentistry technique.

Local anesthetics are administered prior to dental procedures to eliminate the slightest discomfort. A topical anesthetic numbs the area before an injection is given. Two types of injections are available: an infiltration injection, which numbs a localized area, or a block injection, which numbs an entire region. Numbness can last from less than an hour to several hours before completely wearing off.

Nitrous oxide anesthesia (or “laughing gas”) is administered through a nasal mask to give a sensation of relaxation and euphoria. The odorless gas requires about three minutes to achieve a comfortable state. Patients using this technique are completely aware and can tell our dental team if they feel any discomfort. A local anesthetic may be administered in combination with nitrous oxide sedation to prevent pain. Nitrous oxide requires only a few minutes to be eliminated from the patient’s system, so you are able to drive home.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or if you have avoided visiting the dentist for years, contact our Gainesville office and ask us about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry with a dentist at Tioga Dental & Orthodontics offers our patients a safe and effective way to overcome their fears so that they can get the treatment they need. Contact us to see if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry.