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Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Gainesville Florida – Comfortable and Anxiety-Free Dental Care


Dental anxiety is common and you can experience it prior to or during any procedure. Conscious Sedation dentistry in our Gainesville dental office can eliminate your fears and provide you a comfortable dental appointment.

Receive necessary dental treatment without risky delay

Your dental problems can become more severe when you delay treatment. Conscious Sedation dentistry reduces your dental anxiety and enables you to receive your needed treatment.

Combine multiple procedures into one appointment. This will save you time and limit any schedule inconvenience

Understand sedation dentistry to experience more relaxing dental appointments

Anxiety and the anticipation of pain can prevent you from necessary dental treatment. Conscious sedation provides you a minimal level of consciousness during your procedures that enables you to breathe, remain aware, and communicate during your treatment.

Various sedation methods are available. Your team of Gainesville dentists will help you decide the best method and if sedation is a good choice for your procedure such as:

  1. General fear or anxiety about dental treatment
  2. Avoiding dental care due to dental anxiety
  3. Past experience with dental phobias or a traumatic dental experience
  4. Desiring to combine your scheduled dental care into one appointment
  5. Difficulty being numbed with traditional anesthetic techniques

Choose the Conscious Sedation Dentistry method that improves your dental appointment experience

Oral conscious sedation uses a small pill to provide you a relaxed condition during your treatment. This sedation option is useful for your procedures including dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction, and dentures.

A local anesthesia is recommended for controlling pain during your procedure. It’s recommended that you arrange for transportation or use our concierge package following treatment as you will not be able to drive after oral sedation.

Your sedation is delivered intravenously to provide you deep relaxation during treatment. Versed is commonly used for this safe sedation method.

Oral surgery and smile makeovers are common procedures that use IV sedation. You will be monitored throughout your treatment, provided a local anesthetic for pain, and required to arrange for transportation following the use of this sedation method.

Eliminate your discomfort during dental procedures. A topical anesthetic numbs your area of treatment prior to an injection.

Select a localized injection or one that numbs a larger area of your mouth. Numbing can last from less than one hour to several hours prior to wearing off.

This anesthesia option is often referred to as “laughing gas.” It’s delivered via a nasal breathing mask and provides you a sense of relaxation.

A local anesthetic is available to control any pain or discomfort during your procedure. Nitrous oxide sedation is fast and once eliminated from your system you will be able to drive following your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conscious Sedation Dentistry

You are not alone if you’ve felt any fear or anxiety about a dental appointment or dental treatment. It’s common due to a variety of reasons that might include a previous traumatic dental experience, difficulty or fear of being numbed with anesthetic, or a general fear of dental procedures.

The sedation technique provides you a minimal level of consciousness. You’ll feel relaxed while remaining aware and able to communicate any feelings of uncomfortableness throughout your procedure.

Our Gainesville dental office provides four methods of sedation. You can select Oral Conscious Sedation (a prescribed pill), IV Conscious Sedation (monitored intravenous), Local Anesthesia (localized injection), and Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”).

That depends on your level of anxiety, your procedure, and your preference. Each Conscious Sedation Dentistry option will be discussed with you prior to your appointment and when beginning your procedure.

Contact your Gainesville dentist about your dental anxiety. Ask about our Conscious Sedation Dentistry solutions to help you relax and save time on your next dental treatment.