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Dental emergencies are usually very painful situations. They could be the result of pressure in or around a tooth, a mouth injury or a loose restoration. In any case, your own situation could make you desperate to find the closest emergency dental services to relieve your discomfort and pain. When you need emergency dentists, knowing where to go for the best treatment is essential to preventing further dental damage. Visit our office during our normal business hours for emergency dental care.

Where Are Emergency Dentists?

Whether you’re preparing ahead of time or need urgent dental treatment now, you may be searching online for “emergency dental care near me.” You can rely on our emergency dentists in Gainesville, who provide extensive emergency services during normal operating hours.

We don’t believe that you should have to suffer when an emergency arises. In fact, you could develop complications if you wait for the problem to resolve on its own, and it might even require a visit to the emergency room.

Our skilled dentists will do everything possible to address your emergency when you arrive at our office. We always do our best to schedule emergency treatment right away so you won’t have to suffer for longer than is tolerable. Our goal during a dental emergency visit is to diagnose and treat your problem as quickly as possible. We’ll also let you know if further treatment is required to avoid a recurring condition.

What Services Are Included in Emergency Dental Treatment?

When you look for “emergency dental care near me,” you’re searching for the closest dentists offering services to quickly relieve your pain, fix structural damage or deal with other problems that could cause permanent damage. Our emergency dentists can address accidental injuries and provide temporary restorations until a more permanent solution is available. During our normal office hours, we provide emergency dental care services, including:

  • Dental infection treatment
  • Pain relief and repairs related to braces, including broken brackets and displaced wires
  • Wisdom tooth swelling and pain management
  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Loose or lost crown or cavity filling repairs
  • Emergency tooth repair related to fractured teeth
  • Emergency tooth pain treatment
  • Oral pressure and pain treatment related to injuries and tooth decay

When Is Emergency Dental Treatment Necessary?

When you have tooth-related or other mouth pain, you might write it off as something you can deal with later. However, doing that puts you at risk of developing a serious problem. Instead, it’s wise to visit an emergency dental office to keep the problem from causing more issues later. Take a look at the following dental conditions and the symptoms that warrant going to emergency dentists:

Fractured and Broken Teeth

Having fractured and broken teeth leaves you open to infection and structural damage. You can temporarily use dental wax to cover jagged edges and avoid cutting your cheeks or tongue. Then, call us so that we can treat you as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you get help right away, we can often reimplant knocked-out teeth. Make sure that you have all of the tooth fragments. Use warm water to rinse your mouth, and gently place the teeth back into their sockets. Only hold them by the crowns, and contact us right away for more instructions.

Severe Toothache Pain and Pressure

You may need emergency tooth pain relief for severe toothache pain and pressure. Don’t ignore these symptoms, especially if you have an earache, fever or other symptoms, too.

Tooth Sensitivity

Minor tooth sensitivity might not require emergency treatment. However, you should visit us for sudden, severe sensitivity because you could have a fractured or infected tooth.

Dental Decay

Dental decay that causes large cavities leaves tooth roots exposed and creates severe toothaches. We can determine the treatment you need to repair the damage and relieve the pain.

Abscessed Teeth

Abscessed teeth are often the result of decay, gum disease or trauma that leads to an infection in the roots. You may experience severe pain, fever, swollen glands, gum sores and tooth sensitivity. Get urgent dental care right away to avoid serious complications.

Loose or Lost Cavity Fillings

You’ll likely have pain and tooth sensitivity if you have loose or lost cavity fillings. Schedule treatment as soon as possible to avoid further damage and decay.

Broken Crowns and Lost Restorations

More than a cosmetic problem, broken crowns and lost restorations leave your teeth open to more damage. We can protect your teeth and restore your smile with emergency treatment.

Orthodontic Pain and Injuries

Metal braces sometimes cause injuries and pain. We can relieve the symptoms of orthodontic pain and injuries by stabilizing your braces to avoid future issues.

Worn Tooth Enamel by Grinding Teeth

Over time, you can suffer significantly worn tooth enamel by grinding your teeth. Our dentists can strengthen the enamel and provide customized night guards to prevent teeth grinding while you sleep.

Sinus Pressure

When you have tooth pain along with sinus pressure, it’s important to rule out impacted wisdom teeth, infections and other dental issues. See our dentists for peace of mind.

What If the Problem Is More Serious?

Even when you ask, “Where’s a good emergency dental office near me?”, your situation could warrant more help than emergency dentists can provide. Instead, you may need to seek emergency dental care from an oral surgeon or hospital emergency room. You may even need to call 911 in the following situations:

  • You have severe, non-stop bleeding
  • You suffer sudden injuries to the head or mouth
  • You experience severe swelling in your gums or face

How Much Will Emergency Dental Care Cost?

There’s no set price for urgent dental treatment because the services that each patient needs differ. Even if you have the same problem as someone else, the severity of your problem might require fewer or more procedural steps or follow-ups to relieve the pain and resolve the issue. For these reasons, emergency dentists customize your treatment based on your specific needs.

Aside from the emergency dental services performed, the type of dentist providing the treatment will affect your overall cost. For instance, dentists’ services generally cost less than oral surgeons’ services.

In addition, having dental insurance can lower the out-of-pocket costs for your dental emergency. If you don’t have insurance, low-cost dental care is still available. DentRite is a discount dental plan that offers simple pricing with flat fees. It’s not insurance, but can significantly reduce the cost of dental procedures and office visits. For example, DentRite provides 20%–70% savings on dental exams, teeth cleanings, X-rays, cavity fillings, dental crowns, dentures, and other cosmetic and restorative services. Call our office to learn more.

Where Is There an Affordable Emergency Dental Office Near Me?

You can get affordable emergency treatment at our dependable emergency dental office. We accept most major insurance policies, major credit cards and the DentRite plan. We even offer financing options to help you pay for the out-of-pocket costs of your unexpected urgent dental care. Please call us during business hours if you need to see one of our caring emergency dentists in Gainesville.

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