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If you delay seeking needed dental treatments because you have severe anxiety when you think about the dentist’s chair, then you suffer from a very common malady. A relatively new dental technique using lasers may help you maintain your good oral health without the anxiety and fear of dental phobia.

Although the concept of laser dentistry began in the 1960s, it wasn’t widely used until the 1990s. Now, it’s a popular method for dental treatments for everything ranging from dental cleaning to removing abscesses. Lasers are very quiet but very efficient, they’re often painless, and they frequently don’t require anesthesia. Bleeding is minimal, and there’s less swelling and pain. For those who suffer from dental phobias, lasers can enable them to maintain their good oral health while avoiding the stress of dental phobia.

 What Is Laser Dentistry?

This procedure is becoming increasingly common among dentists. It’s well-received by their patients, especially those who dislike the power tools traditionally associated with the dentist’s chair. It also enables them to provide a superior quality of dentistry to their patients. Lasers are now used for procedures such as:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Performing biopsies
  • Removing diseased or decayed tissue
  • Reshaping gums
  • Treating infections

All of these procedures and more can be done through the use of lasers, which are very precise and accurate. The patient receives a better procedure without the anxiety that they often experience.

What Is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

Gum disease is very prevalent among U.S. adults, and when it progresses to periodontal disease, the treatments can be severe and invasive. Aside from being a very painful disease, periodontal disease can destroy the bone and ligaments in the jaw that anchor the teeth, it can cause facial distortions, you can lose your teeth, and it can ultimately ruin your physical health.

When a dentist uses a laser to treat periodontal disease, the dentist can remove the infected tissues and reshape the gums so that the patient is more comfortable. The progression of the disease is also halted.

 What Are Dental Laser Treatments?

Dental laser treatment can be used for many minor procedures, such as:

  • Performing a frenectomy with a laser can immediately improve speech and enable tongue movement for many patients.
  • Removal of benign tumors in the dental office without the need to schedule surgery.
  • A laser can be used to treat TMJ, and the swelling and inflammation of the disease can begin abating immediately.

Those who need laser surgery in the Gainesville area should call our office for an appointment. We can help you retain or regain your good oral health in a non-invasive, non-stressful manner by using lasers for your procedures.

 Is Laser Teeth Whitening As Effective As Traditional Whitening Techniques?

Many patients report that using a laser for their teeth whitening procedure was a better experience than the traditional bleaching gel that’s used for tooth whitening. Low-intensity lasers can quickly and painlessly remove the discoloration on your teeth and leave you with a beautiful white smile in no time. Call us if you’re interested in teeth whitening using lasers in our Gainesville office.

How Is Laser Gum Surgery Performed?

Lasers can quickly and easily reshape your gums whether you need reshaping or crown lengthening, or another type of gum surgery. Lasers are efficient and effective at removing soft tissues, bleeding is minimal, and procedures using lasers often require no anesthesia.

 Does Laser Teeth Cleaning Work Well?

Those who need to have their teeth cleaned but hate the drills and other electric tools that are required can benefit from using a laser to clean their teeth. Lasers destroy tartar and plaque without destroying your tooth enamel. This enables our patients to have the best oral health possible without the stress of the traditional teeth cleaning procedure.

 Are Laser Fillings Better?

A laser is excellent for removing the decayed tissues in a tooth. Lasers are effective and quiet, and they remove the damaged tissue with minimal bleeding and pain.

 What’s Involved in Laser Cavity Removal?

Lasers are also effective for painlessly removing cavities without the stress of power tools. Dental anxiety is alleviated, and recovery is quicker than with traditional cavity removal.

 Are There Benefits to Laser Dental Procedures?

Lasers provide a substantial number of benefits to dental patients, the most important of which is alleviating some of the causes of dental phobia. When patients aren’t stressed about their procedures, they’re more inclined to take better care of their oral hygiene.

Whether you need major dental work or a minor dental procedure, we can help you. Call Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe at (352) 389-4386 and let us schedule an appointment with a laser dentist in Gainesville. Call us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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