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The prospect of having a tooth pulled can be a stressful one for those with a fear of dentists and dental procedures. In most cases, however, tooth extraction is a relatively painless process that can eliminate toothache pain.

At Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe, we will work with you to provide real help for viable teeth. If your tooth is too badly damaged, however, we can provide you with tooth extraction services that will work for your busy schedule and your budget situation. We are committed to the highest standards of dental excellence in Gainesville.

Are Teeth Extractions Expensive?

In most cases, getting a tooth pulled is a fairly affordable process. There are some exceptions, however. Wisdom teeth and severely damaged teeth will often require the services of an oral surgeon, which can be more expensive than extractions performed by our dentists in our office.

Our dental practice accepts most types of dental insurance and participates in discount programs to help keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. We want you to enjoy the most affordable care for all your dental requirements and work hard to make sure your costs stay low. If you are concerned about the tooth extraction cost, give Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe a call at (352) 389-4386 to schedule an appointment and to discuss the estimated cost of your care with our team.

When Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Teeth that are mostly concealed inside the gum or that have broken to leave only stubs or roots must usually be extracted by a dental professional who specializes in oral surgery. This may involve sedation or anesthesia to make sure that your procedure is as painless as possible. Our dental team will explain your options to you and will work with you to provide the most practical and effective options for your dental care.

Avoiding Tooth Extraction

In nearly all cases, retaining your natural teeth is preferable to replacing them with an implant or false teeth. Our dental team will work with you to determine the best course of action for restoring your teeth to their proper function. If tooth extraction is the best option for your situation, we can provide you with the right solutions for getting your tooth pulled in our office. Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe will work with you at all stages of the process to make sure you understand the treatment we are offering and to help you maintain your dental health now and in the future.

Removing Severely Decayed or Damaged Teeth

If your tooth or teeth are severely damaged by accident or decay, Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe can provide you with practical help that will remove these teeth safely and as painlessly as possible. Non-viable teeth can be replaced with dental implants and artificial teeth or bridges to allow you to maintain a bright and beautiful smile for yourself and for every member of your family.

Can You Remove Baby Teeth?

For most people, baby teeth fall out on their own. Some of our patients, however, may have issues that prevent this from happening naturally. Our dentists can remove these baby teeth to improve your appearance and the function of your teeth. This can usually be completed in our office to ensure the greatest convenience for you.

Tooth Loss Caused by Gum Disease

Extraction may be required in advanced cases of periodontal disease. This dental condition attacks the connective and structural tissues in the gums and at the roots of teeth. This can result in the loosening of your teeth and a need to remove one or more teeth. If this becomes necessary, Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe will explain the procedure to you and will offer guidance on the process for you and your family.

Why You May Need Tooth Removal

Some of the most common reasons for removing a tooth include the following:

  • Severe decay or damage that cannot be resolved with a crown or root canal procedure
  • Overcrowding of teeth that can cause misalignment, especially when orthodontic braces or retainers are being used
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that are putting pressure on adjacent teeth or causing damage to the jaw

Our team of dental professionals will work with you to provide the best extraction options and the right care before, during and after your dental procedure.

Aftercare and Healing

In most cases, your dentist will recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise or physically intense activities for at least 24 hours after your extraction procedure. This will assist in the tooth extraction healing process. If oral surgery was required, you may be asked to avoid exercise for a longer period of time. Surgical procedures typically take somewhat longer to heal than simple extractions in our office.

To learn more about your options for tooth extraction in Gainesville or to schedule your first appointment with us, call Tioga Dental at Celebration Pointe today at (352) 389-4386. We look forward to the chance to provide you with the affordable dental services you need to enjoy a lifetime’s worth of healthy and beautiful smiles.

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