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What are cosmetically perfect teeth? For some people, especially movie stars and models, it’s perfectly aligned, pure white teeth all evenly spaced. Most of our patients just want a whiter smile with straight teeth with no chips in them.

Sometimes a small gap between front teeth adds character. Whatever your idea of a natural smile is, we can help you achieve your goal with affordable cosmetic dentistry. We’ve found a person’s natural smile, before staining, chips and even missing teeth occurred, usually looks the best considering their gender, skin tone and face shape. Bring us a picture of you when all your teeth were still in good shape and we can do our best to recreate your youthful smile.

What Is a Cosmetic Dentistry Service?

You’re most likely familiar with general dentistry. A general dentist performs your routine exams and fills cavities as needed. He or she is responsible for protecting and maintaining your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry is dental care which makes a positive change to your smile, either with subtle changes or through a complete smile makeover. A cosmetic dentist can improve your appearance and in some cases, also improve your oral health and your chewing ability. You’ll find a new attractive smile can boost your self-esteem and having you smiling confidently.

Poor teeth can impact your overall happiness. A recent study by the American Dental Association shows 38 percent of adults aged 18 to 34 find bad teeth, including teeth chipped, stained or missing, makes their life less satisfying in general. the dissatisfaction is more than likely just as high for older adults with stains on their teeth from smoking or drinking coffee every day. As you get older, it’s evident in your teeth. Cosmetic dental care can help people look younger and more vibrant. It can also help young adults feel better about their teeth and their lives.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Services Benefit Me?

We offer procedures and treatments to fix discolored, chipped or missing teeth. Our dentists can answer questions about how to improve your smile and suggest the best treatment to help you reach your goal. Advances in recent years have made cosmetic procedures easier and faster to perform and they are also less invasive than in the past. You’ll also notice the results are far more realistic. Services we offer include:

Will My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Very few dental insurance companies cover procedures which are purely elective, such as teeth whitening. Dental insurance is designed to encourage preventative care and help pay for necessary restorations. For example, if you need a filling, dental insurance will usually cover a silver filling. You would pay the difference for a white filling if you wanted one which wouldn’t stand out. If you have any questions about your dental insurance covering any restorative or cosmetic procedures, please refer to your policy or speak with the plan administrator. When you come in for your initial consultation, you can ask your dentist if any of the procedures he or she suggests are restorative as well as cosmetic.

Where Is a Good Place to Go for Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me?

If the idea of an attractive smile has you looking for a good cosmetic dental office, look no further. We ensure our patients have a comfortable experience at our office. You’ll find our staff knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions about scheduling, billing and more. Our dentists are talented at their profession and have excellent chair-side manners, helping you feel comfortable and confident with their services.

At our cosmetic dental office, we offer a wide range of procedures which can improve your smile and make you feel confident about smiling again. If you call our dental practice and request a consultation, you’ll learn how we can help. Your dentist will answer your questions about treatment times, your expected results and your total cost. Your job is to tell your dentist what you don’t like about your smile, and they will help you come up with a plan that makes sense.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Usually Cost?

Your cosmetic dentistry cost is based on several factors, including the number and type of procedures you’ll need, your dental insurance coverage and the severity of your issues. The cost is also based on the materials you choose. If you are replacing old metal fillings, you can select from either economic composite fillings or porcelain fillings, which cost more but they look better. If you call our cosmetic dentistry practice, we can schedule a consultation for you, and your dentist can provide a reasonable accurate estimate of your total cost. We strive to make care affordable for everyone; please ask our knowledgeable staff about payment options when you come in for your initial appointment.

For high-quality cosmetic dentistry in Gainesville, please call our office and schedule an appointment. We look forward to making you smile confidently once again. We strive to provide the best cosmetic dental care so you can have the dazzling smile you deserve.

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