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Your Guide to Labor Day Festivities in Gainesville

Fall is just around the corner, and the new school year is already getting underway. But before we shift gears to autumn, there’s still one more celebration on the summer calendar: Labor Day. As JayRead more

Gainesville Wisdom Teeth Recovery: A Food (and Treats) Guide After Surgery

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure that most people go through. And when you fill your post-surgery days with food (and treats!) that are easy on the gums, the whole experience isn’tRead more

University of Florida College of Dentistry News: Accolades, Scholarships and Charity

The University of Florida College of Dentistry (UFCD) plays an important role for people in Gainesville in particular, but also for the profession of American dentistry in general. Research engine Start Class ranks UFCD amongRead more

Invisalign Invisible Braces May Be Best Option for College Students

For most students, college is a time for change. Some students move far from home and even study abroad, which makes it hard to stick to a dental or orthodontic routine. While having straight teethRead more

A Guide to Upcoming Gainesville Festivals, Concerts and Events

There’s plenty of cultural action in Gainesville throughout the year. With live music, craft markets and art festivals, there really is a little something for everyone — especially during 2017’s home stretch. Here are nineRead more

Healthy Habits: 17 Gainesville Juice Bars, Tea Shops and Cafes You Should Know

We as a country love our sugary drinks for a quick boost of energy. From colas to energy drinks to five-hour shots, the options are numerous — but the sugars in those drinks do noRead more

How to Eat Healthy at Disney World: 25 Tips from Magic Kingdom Insiders

Disney World is the ultimate indulgence and escape: fun theme park rides, photographs with well-loved Disney characters and lots of fantastic experiences for the entire family. For many — kids and adults alike — DisneyRead more

Trying to Quit? Gainesville Resources for Smoking Cessation

Most people understand that smoking cigarettes is a gravely dangerous and unhealthy habit.  The harm doesn’t stop at your lungs and organs. Smoking can lead to a number of minor mouth conditions, such as stainedRead more

Best Fruit and Veggies in Florida? Check Out Gainesville Farmers Markets

From bolstering the economy to promoting healthy eating habits, buying from local farms provides a wealth of benefits for both farmers and residents. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Alachua County, there’s aRead more

20 Healthy Tailgating Snacks for Gators Games with the Family

Sometimes football tailgates are planned months in advance; other times, they’re a game time decision. And when you’re in a hurry to throw a meal together, it’s easy to opt for sugary treats, store-bought appetizersRead more