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Dental Emergencies in Gainesville

Seeking treatment right away is just as important for a knocked out or broken tooth as it is for handling a major cut. While a broken bone might need to be set in a hospital, dental emergencies can often be handled by your familiar family dentist. Yet, you do need to know what constitutes an emergency and when you might need to call 911 versus your dentist. At Tioga Dental & Orthodontics, we’ve reserved room in our schedules for helping people with dental emergencies, which is why we want to share with you a few things to know about handling trauma to your teeth or gums.

When Is an Oral Health Issue a Dental Emergency?

That brief bit of pain you feel when you eat something cold often signifies that you might have a cavity. If it’s a minor cavity, you might be able to avoid eating cold foods for a day or two until you can get to see your dentist. However, severe pain that won’t respond to normal over-the-counter medications or that keeps you from being able to eat at all would be a situation that qualifies you for a same-day appointment. A knocked out or broken tooth, an abscess or damaged braces are a few other oral health issues that can become true emergencies.

Is 911 the Best Number to Call for Dental Emergencies?

Approximately 2% of emergency room visits are linked to dental emergencies, according to the American Dental Association. While this figure might seem high, it’s important to remember that some dental problems can become life-threatening due to their proximity to your airways. If someone who has a dental injury is unable to breathe properly or struggles with swallowing, then 911 is the best number to call to get help. The same is true regarding suspected head trauma or a broken jaw. Once the life-threatening symptoms are addressed, then your dentist can help you begin the process of treating your injury.

Know What to Do During a Dental Emergency in Gainesville

Every minute counts during a dental emergency, and acting fast could mean the difference between being able to save a tooth or needing an implant. Knocked out teeth can be visually shocking, but keeping a calm head can help you preserve the tooth root for reimplantation. Always handle a knocked out tooth by the crown to prevent damage to the root. Once you have the tooth in your hand, then rinse it off with warm water. Then, you can either put it back in the socket and hold it in place or put it into a container that has saliva from the injured person or milk in it.

If bleeding occurs during a dental emergency, then you can stop the blood flow by holding clean and sterile material, such as gauze, over the wound. Applying gentle but direct pressure can stop the bleeding, much like you’d see with a skin laceration. For swelling, put a cold compress on the outside of your cheek and hold it there while making sure to remove it periodically to prevent your skin from freezing.

If you have major tooth pain, then rinsing your mouth with warm water is a great first step that could help remove any irritating debris. Flossing around a painful tooth could also help to release food particles that could be contributing to the pain. Since tooth pain could be related to a serious dental infection, you’ll want to see an emergency dentist fast. In some cases, your dentist can treat the infected tooth right away to stop the infection from spreading. Receiving treatment can also end the majority of your discomfort immediately.

Promote Proper Healing With a Same-Day Appointment

Our dental team at Tioga Dental & Orthodontics in Gainesville knows that receiving proper care right away is important when you are facing a major problem with your teeth, gums, or jaw. No one should have to be in pain for days at a time, and saving a knocked out tooth can only be done within a specific time frame. This is why we are proud to offer same-day appointments to our patients, both established and new, who experience a major dental emergency in Gainesville.

When you reach out to our team at Tioga Dental & Orthodontics, make sure to mention all of your symptoms. We’ll ask you for a few details about what happened, such as whether or not you have a wiggly or lost tooth. This allows us to assess your overall wellbeing and determine how fast we need to get you in for an appointment. While we wouldn’t wish a dental emergency on anyone, we do love that our family dentist in Gainesville is here to help you begin the process of healing from your injury and preserving your smile.

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