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Comprehensive Dental Care in Gainesville

We know that establishing a strong patient-provider relationship with your family dentist in Gainesville is important for your family’s oral health! That’s why Tioga Dental & Orthodontics takes a personalized approach to caring for our valued patients. Once you have the right family dentist, helping every member of your family to maintain good oral health becomes easier! There’s no need to worry…

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Dental Emergencies in Gainesville

Seeking treatment right away is just as important for a knocked out or broken tooth as it is for handling a major cut. While a broken bone might need to be set in a hospital, dental emergencies can often be handled by your familiar family dentist. Yet, you do need to know what constitutes an emergency and when you might…

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Smile Makeovers in Gainesville

Conquering low self-confidence sometimes requires making a few simple changes to your appearance. Do you find yourself reminiscing over old photos when you were eager to flash your grin without thinking twice? If things have changed since then, it is time to reach out to a dentist at Tioga Dental & Orthodontics that offers smile makeovers in Gainesville that will help you…

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When Should I Consider the Need for Cosmetic Dentistry in Gainesville?

Trying to put off getting dental work done often leads to stress and discomfort. If you’ve ever felt the need to hide your smile behind your hand or opt out of smiling completely, then you are ready to begin the process of making sure that never has to happen again. Cosmetic dentistry in Gainesville is designed for people who have…

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A Fresh Approach to Dental Care

Finding a good dentist isn’t easy. At Tioga Dental & Orthodontics in Gainesville, we want to make it easier for you. We have a dental practice where you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting high-quality dental services, emergency dental care and access to a network of specialists. Our approach is to build long-term relationships with our patients, not just see them one…

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Why We’re the Gainesville Dentist for You

Whether you’re new to the Gainesville area or you’re simply dissatisfied with your current Gainesville dentist, you may be in search of a new dental office you can use. But, how do you find that dentist? As you think about the choices of dentists you have available to you in the area, consider the factors below for what makes a…

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Facts About Oral Cancer

Mouth Cancer Action Month in November is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the disease. Its aim is to save lives by encouraging prevention and early detection through regular screenings during dental exams. The cancer can occur anywhere in the oral cavity. According to the American Cancer Society, overall, about one in 60 men will develop oral cancer in…

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October Is National Dental Hygiene Month

October’s crisp, cool air brings to mind Halloween, fall pumpkins, and treats, and Halloween candy for most of us. For dentists, however, it can bring an influx of toothaches and dental issues due to the number of sweets and carbs that are consumed and the tendency of some of their patients to slack off on their oral hygiene routines. Since…

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Your Gum Health Is Vital to Your Overall Health

September welcomes another National Gum Care Awareness Month, another chance to remind ourselves of how to take proper care of our gums and why it’s so important to do so. It’s time to schedule your next dental care appointment at the Gainesville office! Call today for more information. How You Get Gum Disease What causes gum disease is the bacteria…

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How to Protect Yourself From Dental Emergencies

Some dental issues can wait to be dealt with until your next visit with your dentist in Gainesville; others, however, constitute emergencies that should be treated with the utmost urgency. Dental emergencies may or may not be life-threatening, but even those that are not severe right away, may progress into life-threatening emergencies if you don’t take care of them quickly…

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